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5 Elements in 4 Seasons


     29 March   Wood and Spring Energy  Ponsanooth Village Hall 10am-4pm £50

In Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Wood energy is all about rebirth, renewal, creativity and a bursting forth into action according to plan.  We will learn where the Wood channels are in the body, which organs are associated with Wood, what functions within our physicality are in the purview of Wood and how Wood energy is expressed emotionally. We'll do some Qi Gong and stretching to support the qi flow, and learn some acupoints to press when you're experiencing imbalance. We'll taste the flavour (sour) and smell the smells (rancid), listen to the sound (shouting) and perhaps do some ourselves!  Lily will talk to you about supporting the Spring time detoxification processes the body is naturally going through with little tweaks to your lifestyle and daily routine.  She’ll guide you through a Body scan and gentle movement practice focusing on myofascial plains and muscle chains that overlap with and support the Wood meridians and organs. You'll go home with your newly created vision board.  The whole session will end with an optional group acupuncture treatment with points that regulate the Wood energy within us.


We’ll arm you with some understanding and tools from both camps that support your own seeking of balance, harmony and well-being. We will do this through talks, demonstrations, practice of movements, and Qi Gong, Lunch and a creative activity.


10:00-10:15 Welcome, tea and introduction

10:15-10:45 Talk about Wood in TCM

10:45-11:30 Lily's talk about liver, detox, a body scan and stretches

11:30-12:30 Walk to Kennal Vale to practice a Qi Gong liver cleanse routine

12:30-01:30 Lunch. Soups and salads that support Wood and Liver on offer

01:30-02:45 Vision board creating 

02:45-04:00 Optional acupuncture treatment

Learn about the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine during 5 sessions throughout the year. Each session will focus on one element and take place during the season with which it is associated. We will explore the element through the senses, learning how it is expressed and the functions it plays within our bodies, minds and emotions. We will learn to notice imbalances and how to support the healthy expression of the element. 

We will bring this ancient way of understanding our human experience into the 21st century adapting the wisdom of the sages to our modern lifestyle. 

07June Fire and Summer

16 August Earth and Late Summer

25 October Metal and Autumn

13 December Water and Winter







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