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What people are saying

"I contacted Jill for some acupuncture when I had a virus which lasted for about 6 weeks. After several sessions, I began to feel stronger, both physically and emotionally. The cough improved and a few weeks later I felt fine again. Jill is a very sympathetic and understanding person. She really listens to you and knows the right acupuncture points to improve the immune system. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better. The body and soul need some help occasionally."      FR, Falmouth

"I first started acupuncture with Jill in 2014 for a chronic inner ear problem that causes episodes of dizziness and vomiting. As a scientist I was a little skeptical about acupuncture initially, but I really felt the benefits and in the last 3 years my health has improved massively. I highly recommend Green Oasis Acupuncture."  JT, Falmouth

Meniere's Disease
Low immunity

"I went to see Jill after my second miscarriage. Herbs combined with specialised acupuncture treatments helped restore my body and create fertile ground to develop a baby. After 7 months I became pregnant. I continued to see Jill through the pregnancy and had treatments to prepare for labour which started in a calm manner. It was so gentle and relaxing. I believe it helped to deliver a strong healthy baby girl. I am forever indebted to Jill for her insight and genuine care during the entire journey."     JO, Penryn


"...each session left me relaxed, calm and refreshed in addition to the obvious improvements on my skin which were commented on by several people."    NP, Mawnan Smith 

Skin, anti-aging

"I am skeptic by nature...but I decided to give it acupuncture a try for my tennis elbow. I couldn't believe the difference after just one treatment. My arm felt young again (it's 53!) and I played pain and discomfort free for months after. Thank you, Jill. If it weren't for the trust I had in you as person, I would never have tried it. It was truly amazing!"      BD, Falmouth

Elbow pain

"I can't tell you how much Jill has helped me with acupuncture treatments having been suffering with migraines for most of my life. I now feel I'm getting my life back on track. Its gonna take some time but life is much better. Thank you , Jill."      LF, Redruth


"I first went to see Jill because I had a swollen knee that no-one could find anything wrong with. ... a few minutes with her magic fingers and needles and the swelling was gone. As the weeks went by and we talked about my health and well-being, not only did my knee heal but lots of other wonderful things happened too. I sleep well instead of waking up several times a night, my stress level is much reduced and my digestion has improved.  I can’t imagine missing my twice monthly treatment which continues to lower stress levels and allow to me to feel my best. I am also thrilled that the rest of my family have become addicted to feeling well under Jill's tutelage and needles!"    -JK, Falmouth

Knee pain
Stress management,
general well-being

I have been having treatment now for a few months and feel that my energy has become smoother and more even.  I work full time and it has also helps with stress levels and coping with whatever comes along during each day.

I have also had trouble with sleeping at night and this is getting better with the acupuncture.  I feel more rested when I awake.

Overall I would recommend anyone to try acupuncture which is not painful and a good way to improve your health.      LH,  Swanpool

I have been suffering from lower back pain for a couple of years now, which is steadily getting worse. 

When discussing the symptoms with Jill, she suggested I try cupping, before my acupuncture session. An unusual experience, which did not take too long although there was disappointingly no immediate wow factor. However, over the day the discomfort eased and still several days later (at the time of recording this reflection) my back feels significantly relaxed and relatively pain free.

I would definitely recommend this to people who regularly partake in sport which is beginning to have some painful impact on their back.  FL, Falmouth

Back pain, cupping

Just wanted to say another huge thank you! I so enjoyed my treatment and again feel a wonderful benefit. I am really grateful and appreciate your gentle professionalism.   JG, Redruth

Anxiety, insomnia

Thank you so much - you have made a difference to me and I feel my energy is moving and in the right direction.  I am feeling myself loosen up and be more open.Thank you for keeping me well.

 TY, Ponsanooth

Low energy, irritability
General well-being

"Jill has a tender intuitive touch. I've known that she has healing hands from the first time she treated me. Every treatment since, I've felt calm and relaxed.  Quite simply, she is great at what she does- acupuncture and herbal medicine. Most importantly, she listens."      HG, Falmouth 

Painful periods

"I would like to say how much I enjoyed my treatment and just how much better I felt afterwards. My shoulder was so painful when I first came to see you.  After the first treatment in your very relaxing, warm studio my shoulder felt so much better and after the second treatment all the pain was gone. After the second treatment I felt very relaxed all day and then had the best nights sleep I've had in ages."            DE, Helston

Shoulder pain

"I just want to thank you for today. I came away from treatment feeling instantly lighter and have enjoyed my day without all the head noise!"                   KW, Redruth

Overwhelm and Anxiety

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