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Jill McGovan

A short biography

I grew up in a rural part of Pennsylvania in the United Sates. I spent my adult life in New York City, Portland, Oregon and then Los Angeles. I loved city life but I couldn't be happier living in the magical countryside of Cornwall. I moved here in 2010 when the spark of a former romance rekindled and drew me here to see if "it could work for real this time". It did, we married and have a vibrant little girl, a chilled out staffy, loads of chickens, some ducks and lots outdoor space to grow things and get muddy in. Happy days.

My philosophy 

What I find compelling about acupuncture and Chinese medicine is how this medicine very gently creates powerful changes to restore health and a sense of wellbeing. It is wholistic. It’s based on the principle that we as individuals are not a collection of separate parts but a complex web of interrelated systems that includes the environment we live in and the relationships we have. The benefits of Chinese medicine are both physical and emotional.


As a practitioner, I see everyone as an unique individual with their own story and complexities. As I strive to resolve their main complaint often they feel better in other areas of their life too.  


I sought acupuncture and everything alternative when conventional medicine kept me in a loop of getting my breath back only to backslide into another asthma attack which meant another round of antibiotics and steroids. I was caught in debilitating and depressing cycle of always trying to get better. Although only in my 20’s, I felt like an old, frail, housebound, sick person. Acupuncture treatments helped me to catch my breath and heal.


When I “discovered” acupuncture and felt like the possibilities of my life had returned to me, a passion was ignited as well as the desire help others on their own journey to health.


It wasn’t long before I enrolled in Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, a preeminent school in The States for the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I earned my Masters degree in Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.


My training and experience help my patients on their personal voyage to health. Whether we are addressing a long term problem or one that has just appeared, I work hard to create a professional yet nurturing environment so I can deliver the most effective treatment. I work with each client to find the best approach to promote vitality, physical health, personal integrity and self awareness. I encourage clients to be an advocate for their health care needs and help them find ways to live a healthier life.


I have helped people with a wide variety of complaints but my experience and continuing education has lent itself to a specialty in women’s health care, digestive issues, pain and stress management.


I look forward to being a part of each patient’s journey. I never tire of the amazing results that Chinese medicine delivers. Its an honour to witness the relief that people feel and the healing they experience. As one client put it, “ I feel like myself again.”

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