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Covid Secure Protocols

In order to minimise the exposure and spread of Covid 19 Green Oasis Acupuncture has undertaken a risk assessment and made the following changes to the clinic and developed new procedures to maintain safety for clients and practitioner. 

In The Clinic

  1. I’ve rearranged my clinic to streamline the movement within and allow for social distancing when needed. I will greet and treat in the same room. (formerly the waiting room.) 

  2. I’ve removed soft furnishings and items that are difficult to disinfect. 

  3. Before the start of each day, I will deep clean and disinfect all surfaces and items that are touched and used regularly with medical grade disinfectant. 

  4. The hand washing facility is in the toilet room outside the clinic. The toilet door will remain open to easily access the sink so that clients can wash hands before entering the clinic. 

  5. I will clean and disinfect all surfaces in the clinic and the toilet room at the end of each treatment. 

  6. There are hand sanitising stations near the reception desk and in the treatment area.

  7. Multiple tissue boxes and pedal bins are available to "catch it, kill it, bin it!" 

  8. Clean sheets are kept in a closed hygienic box until used.

  9. All sheets and covers are used one time, then placed in a closed collection bin and laundered in 60° water before being used again. 

  10. All disposable items are moved into a bin outside the clinic after each treatment.


Clinic Procedures.

  1. I will stagger appointments so that I have time to clean surfaces and change the couch covers between clients as well as prevent client overlap in the waiting room. 

  2. We will keep socially distanced during the interview part of the treatment.

  3. I will wear a mask while I am doing pulse, tongue, needling and or moxa.

  4. I will require the patient to also wear a mask during the treatment.  Please bring your own. If you are unable to do so I will provide one.  

  5. You must wash your hands at the sink outside before entering the clinic. Hand sanitising stations will be available inside as well. 

  6. I will contact you to confirm your appointment the day before and ask questions to assess if it is safe to attend your appointment. I reserve the right to cancel and reschedule your appointment if necessary. See the questions below. 

    1. Have you lost your sense of taste or smell?

    2. Do you have a fever?  

    3. Do you have a sore throat?

    4. Do you have a new persistent cough?  

    5. Have you or someone in your household been in contact with anyone in the past week who has been diagnosed with Covid-19?

    6. Have you been asked to self-isolate? 

7.   The couch will be covered with single use cotton sheets and changed between clients. The         couch will be disinfected and covered with a new sheet for the following patient. Used sheets       are collected and washed daily at 60°.

8.   The bolsters will be in changeable covers. The covers will be changed between clients and           washed daily.

9.   I will be wearing a face shield the whole time. During the needling part of the treatment I will         also wear a medical grade mask.

10. Please bring a mask to wear during the treatment. It can be a cloth covering which covers           your mouth and nose. You do not need to wear it until you are on the couch. 

11. I will be washing and sanitising my hands many thousands of times throughout the day such       as before and after a shift, seeing each client, putting on or taking off a mask, doing a                 treatment and cleaning the clinic. 

What you need to do and what to expect. 

Rest assured, I have followed all the guidelines to minimise the risk of exposure and spread of Covid 19 in order to keep you and I and by extension our loved ones safe.  I feel confident practicing in this environment.  Although it leans more toward sterile and clinical my clinic remains warm calm and ready to help you heal. 

1.  I will call you the day before your appointment to ask the triage questions above. (see no.6)

2.  I reserve the right to cancel and reschedule your appointment if I deem it unsafe to attend. 

3.  I reserve the right to cancel and reschedule your appointment if you show up with the signs        of a flu-like illness starting. 

4.  Please cancel your appointment if you have noticed any change in your answers to                      the above questions before you come to the appointment.

5.  Please bring a mask with you. It may be a cloth covering that covers your mouth and nose. I        will have a small supply of masks if you are unable to bring one. 

6.  Please bring a large scarf or small blanket if is especially cold the day of your appointment.

7.  Please come on your own. If you need help your carer can assist you, but I will ask them to         wait in the car during the treatment. 

8.  Please arrive at your appointed time. If you are early, please wait in your car until I come to        get you. 

9.  I am able to accept contactless payments. If the transaction is over a £100 a small fee                will be added.  You can transfer online and I will accept cash if necessary. I will ask you to          place the cash in an envelope with your name and amount on it and then let it sit in my              drawer until it is safe to handle. I will hand change back in an envelope and recommend you      also put it aside for 5- 7 days until handling. 

10. Please wash your hands at the sink in the outside toilet room before entering the clinic. The       clinic door handles will be disinfected before your appointment. 

If you or I show signs of illness within 14 days

If you begin to show signs of  becoming ill within 14 days of a treatment, follow the NHS guidelines.  Please contact me and let me know. 

If I become ill within 14 days of a treatment with you I will contact you and follow NHS guidelines. 

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