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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practiced safely for as long as 3500 years. It is a health care system developed over those years based on observing phenomenon in nature and understanding that 1) the same forces that motivate and animate the environment act within us in similar ways,  2) we humans are not just biology and chemistry but energetic, emotional and spiritual beings as well, and 3) the health of each aspect is related the health of the others. The tools of TCM (acupunctureherbal medicine) have been developed to promote health and well being by correcting 

imbalance and stagnation within the system of Qi flow and supporting the mind's and body's natural inclination towards homeostasis. 

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Chinese Medicine is natural medicine.

Green Oasis Acupuncture provides a friendly and professional environment to address all which ails you. Whether your complaint is acute or chronic, a mental or emotional concern, or just the desire to care for your self naturally and gently, Jill at Green Oasis Acupuncture has the experience and training to attend your needs.

"I had a course of treatment with Jill to help me with IBS symptoms.  I found Jill to be a brilliant practitioner, a perfect balance of professionalism, experience and knowledge, and yet being down to earth with a sense of humour and warmth and able to put me at ease.  I feel her treatments had a positive impact on my condition which became much more manageable and the symptoms eased considerably. I would not hesitate to recommend Jill to anyone considering acupuncture and would go back for more treatment in the future".

-SP, Falmouth


"...each session left me feeling relaxed, calm and refreshed in addition to the obvious improvement of my condition..."

NP, Mawan Smith


"I feel better, I have more energy and I'm not as irritable. Its the herbal formula."

HG, Falmouth


"...after my second miscarriage. Herbs combined with specialised acupuncture

 treatments helped restore my body and create fertile ground to develop a baby."

JO, Penryn

"At first I didn't notice, but I feel more relaxed in general, not so stressed since I've been going"

FD, Ponsanooth


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